Canyon Correspondences

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A journal of words and images, compiled as part of an artist-in-residence project at the Grand Canyon, 2011.

The activity of 'fossicking' is about sifting through, rummaging, prospecting, turning over stones, peering in the shadows. This sums up my approach to bringing a creative intent to this place. Assembled source materials include sounds, and both still and moving imagery - from which something will be cooked-up over the coming months.

Many other strands will be woven in, using a 'Deep Mapping' or geopoetic approach, which I view as ecologically-attentive practices attempting to combine a personal creative response with science, history, myth, legend, landscape. The term 'correspondence' is used here to suggest a relationship between the artist-investigator  and the place, as well as between different mappings and the site (or place/ territory/ landscape).

This residency was hosted by The National Parks Service (USA), and supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Click on images below for expanded diary entries.

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